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Bandit, 2020

“My husband and I were fortunate to be gifted a wonderful portrait of our Shih Tzu, Bandit, done by Sarah.  The likeness was spot on and the detail incredible.  I am grateful for Bandit, and looking at the portrait every day, makes me even more so. Beautiful work, Sarah!“”

Kris M.


Zeke, Pearl & Marty, 2019

“Sarah is a very talented artist!  Her attention to detail is amazing!  She has painted numerous portraits of our family members' pets.  The portraits make treasured gifts, and the portrait of my three cats will help me remember them always.”

Candy M.


Wiggles, 2021

“As anyone who has suffered through the loss of a beloved pet knows, dealing with their absence is a struggle. When I asked Sarah to paint a portrait of Wiggles, my expectations were that she would capture the physical likeness of her. The portrait goes way beyond that. Sarah captured her essence, her personality, her mischievous nature, and so much more. Viewing the portrait brings to life so many memories of the happy times spent with Wiggles - not of just one time in one place like so many photographs do, but an accumulation of all the places, all the times, all the situations that made my time with her so precious. Thank you Sarah, for sharing your wonderful talent. The joy and consolation Wiggles’ portrait has brought me is priceless.”

Greg S.


Rocco, 2018

“I was so happy with the photo I received of my boy Rocco. It really captured his character and head tilt perfectly. I’m so happy I’ll have it to cherish forever! Would highly recommend Sarah to others looking for pet portraits.”

Mary G.


Kairi & Milo, 2018

“Lovely work! Sarah created a black and white acrylic portrait of my two cats that I absolutely love. She put real care into making something I would enjoy, and that has a lot of meaning to me. She has an eye for design and detail! Definitely would recommend!”

Lexie S.

Romeo Testimonial1.jpg

Romeo, 2015

“Sarah did an amazing portrait of my cat Romeo.  Since, I have lost my sweet boy, but because of her incredible talents, I still have something to remind me of him.”

Brooke B.


Ernie & Bonkers, 2019

“Sarah’s watercolor portraits of our two beloved cats are beautiful!  She made a perfect likeness of each one, capturing their distinct personalities and reminding us every day of the wonderful kitties who were our friends for years.  She works on pet portraits with love, care, and remarkable artistry.  Perfection!”

Carol B.


Dismal, 2021

“I commissioned Sarah to do a portrait of my dog, Dismal, that we'd had for fourteen years. Sarah had never seen the dog and worked off half a dozen pictures I forwarded from my phone. I was very anxious about how it would turn out as it was a surprise for my dog's co-guardian, my partner. I was incredibly impressed with how she captured the personality of my dog. It was a huge hit as a present. The portrait has become one of our treasured possessions. If there was a house fire it would be one of the first things saved. We now adopt older, unwanted dogs and intend to have her do a portrait of every one. It allows us to feel like we are patrons of the arts.”

Bob B.


Josie, 2017 & My Precious Pup, 2018

“We asked Sarah to do a portrait of our dog Josie from a photo of her as a pup. The detail is incredible & we absolutely love the final product! My daughter loved it so much that she asked if we could have another one done of me with our Newfie mix when he was a puppy. It turned out beautifully as well & we surprised her with it for her birthday. She has it hanging on her living room wall. I would recommend Sarah to anyone wanting a pet portrait done. Her work is absolutely fantastic!”

Jan & Dan A.


Victor, 2019

“There are no words to tell you how much I love this! Thank you so much! It looks exactly like him - especially his eyes. I just can't thank you enough!!!!”

Jayme H.


Apollo, 2018

“Received an amazing portrait from Sarah. So beautiful! I would absolutely recommend her art.”

Jesse H.


Goose & Teal, 2015

“Sarah is an amazing artist! I have an adorable watercolor set of both my dogs from her! They're absolutely awesome and I keep them up in my kitchen! Very talented and hoping to have more done soon!”


“I've comissioned both watercolor and acrylic pet portraits as gifts and the realistic textured details and depth of the paintings were just like looking at the original photos! I will definitely be purchasing additional pieces in the future - Highly recommend!”

Lindsey, A.

“Lovely work! Sarah created a black and white acrylic portrait of my two cats that I absolutely love. She put real care into making something I would enjoy, and that has a lot of meaning to me. She has an eye for design and detail! Definitely would recommend!”

Lexie S.

“Very talented individual, especially in her pieces I've seen for animal portraits! She did a small watercolor of my dog a few years ago, and turned out great!”

Mandy F.

“Sarah did an amazing portrait of my handsome boy Frankie. So detailed! She also added a personal touch by adding a purple background. My favorite color.”

Megan B.

“Sarah painted a beautiful watercolor portrait of my cat, Hocus!”

Claire C.

“Sarah captured the character of my sweet little Bella as a puppy in such a whimsical way! I so cherish this portrait and highly recommend Sarah as our local area artist. She paints with compassion.”

Marlene A.

“Sarah's lively and fun spirit is reflected in her artwork.  She brings light and levity into her work, and each piece playfully will absorb you.  Sarah did a caricature of my husband and I, which perfectly captured us!  She also is Animal Allies' favorite artist and often does soulful and beautiful portraits of animals looking for their forever homes, or cheerful decorations around the shelter to make visitors feel welcome.  Sarah's work seems to dance off the page and, like Sarah, will always bring out a smile.”

Jessica J.

“The work is great. She did a dog named Snow. You can feel the smile of a saved dog.”

Warren J.

“Sarah is such a talented artist that works hard to put in personal touches to make her commissioned work even that much more special!  I love the piece she made for me!”

Betsy M.

“Sarah is an amazing artist, versatile in many styles and media. Her highly personalized portraits of pets and people consistently capture her subjects' individual spirit. Sarah's work ranges from funny to elegant, monochrome to fully colored--but always beautiful and unique. Highly recommend both for commissions and for her own projects.”

Pepper G.

“Sarah could not have captured my sweet boy any better. She did amazing work. I highly recommend her if you want great quality.”

Tina M.

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